Insta-Link5 Smart Phone Water Test Kit

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Now you can test your hot tub water accurately with your smart phone!

As a spa owner, you know that there’s a lot to take care of and remember. You need to test and balance the water, keep the filter and baskets clean, vacuum the debris, and that’s just the basics.   

With one of our Advanced SmartScan Kits, Insta-LINK® HOME gives you everything you need to make maintaining your spa less of a chore so you can spend more time swimming and less time maintaining.

The Insta-LINK® 5 Advanced SmartScan™ Kit comes with everything you need to start using Insta-LINK® HOME on your PC or with your smartphone. It unlocks all of the advanced features of Insta-LINK® HOME, such as personalized treatment recommendations, test history, and more. This kit includes:

  • 25 – count bottle of Insta-LINK™ 5-way test strips.  These strips are specifically formulated for use with the Insta-LINK™ HOME mobile app.
  • SmartScan™ Card, to ensure your test strips scans are as accurate as possible.
  • Account Activation PIN,  a special code is included in every SmartScan™ Advanced 5 Kit that activates a one year account with Insta-LINK™ HOME.
  • Pick up an Advanced SmartScan™ Kit from
  • InstaLInk5
  • IpOn iPhone:
    1. Double Tap the HOME button (the physical button)
    2. Find insta-LINK screenshot in the list of running apps
    3. Swipe it up to close it
    4. Reopen Insta-LINK

    On Android

    1. Tap Settings (a gear icon)
    2. Tap Application Manager
    3. Locate Insta-LINK in the list of apps and tap it
    4. Tap the “Force Stop” button at the top
    5. Press OK at the prompt
    6. Launch Insta-LINK normally


  • The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are all supported devices, though the device must be able to run iOS version 4.3 or newer. Most Android® phones are also supported, though it is not recommended that the Insta-LINK® HOME app be used on an Android® tablet. Your Android® device must be able to run version 2.3.3 or newer.

Note:  This system is calibrated to work with Spa Boss chemicals.


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